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Welcome to the Brain Logic Blog!

Designing a web site, software application or product that’s right for your customers can be daunting. At Brain Logic, we specialize in designing technology, products and processes easy for your customers to use. Our proven customer centric approach delivers solutions that will delight your customers.

The Brain Logic Blog is the place to explore web sites and product designs we like or ones that frustrate us and are in need improvements.  We’ll talk about our experiences and how we would improve web sites, product and process designs.  We might even get to see a few of our recommendations implemented!

You’re invited to share your comments and experiences to help transform frustrating user experiences into those deserving of accolades!  I look forward to hearing from you.


About Brain Logic, LLC

Brain Logic helps companies understand how their customers think in order to design their technology, products and processes to deliver optimal customer experiences and boost the ROI of their investments. For more information visit www.brainlogiconline.com or email jill@brainlogiconline.com
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