Does Search Engine Optimization Really Matter?

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with James Lambert, owner of JBLConnect talking innovation and technology.  A recognized search engine optimization (SEO) guru, he graciously agreed to be a guest blogger and provide some insight on the real value of SEO.

by James Lambert

When developing your marketing budget, you might find yourself asking what the value of search engine optimization is and why it matters. While social media has emerged as a major web traffic source, SEO remains a serious driver of targeted web site traffic.

A prospective client recently asked me to give them three ‘good’ reasons why search engine performance is important to their overall marketing strategy, and why they should get started now.  Here are the top three reasons I shared with them.

1. Increase Targeted Customers

SEO increases the number of potential customers that visit your site, bottom line.

Generally about half of all clicks go to the top site on the search engine results page and about 90 percent of all clicks go to sites that appear on the first page of results. This means achieving better results in your search terms greatly increases your chance that a potential customer is going to find your web site rather than your competitors.

2. Improved Reputation

Cementing your brand online helps build your company’s reputation.

If you can achieve high rankings across various keywords, it says you’re a major player in that industry and you take your business seriously. Which company do you feel better about doing business with, one that is at the top of your searches or one that you had to dig page after page of search results to find?

3. Improved Experience

It’s no coincidence that many search engine optimization practices improve the customer experience.

Improved text, headers and titles and code help your site perform better on search engines by enticing potential users to click on them. Making your site more appealing to customers while at the same time making it perform better on Google is a great double-dip win.  Not only will customers find your site, it’s more useful because customers easily find what they’re seeking.

These are just three of many reasons why attention to SEO drives customers to your business.  It really pays off!

About James Lambert:  James is a Vermont-based Web developer, Internet marketer and college instructor.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Marlboro College Graduate School.

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